Our Craft

What we do.

Inkerman Road is about creativity in video

We call ourselves a ‘creative company’, but we think ‘company’ sounds too official. Really we’re just using film as our way to put ideas out there, so that they capture the imagination of people across the world.

We’ve made all manner of things

From documentaries, web series’, websites, and commercials. We create formats, comedy sketches and we’ve filmed internationally renowned conferences. Professional or experimental – if it involves video, it’s a project we’d love to have a look at.

We strive to do projects that interest and inspire us

So you’ll always get the attention of the entire team and you won’t have to wait ages for the final product. We can build great things out of little and because we’re all about creativity you’ll find we’re not afraid to stray from the pack…

"Everyone here is very pleased with Inkerman Road's work and attitude throughout our entire project!"
Patrick Wilkinson, DraftFCB
"It was excellent working with you guys, you were super flexible and the whole process was super smooth."
Thomas Miner, Sustainable Life Media


Our past and current projects.


Who we are.

Jonny Miles and Ryan Seville of Inkerman Road came together at the beginning of 2011. Though from different technical backgrounds, we share a passion for the potential of online video. Our work draws from extensive experience in video production, animation, web development, graphic design, photojournalism and audiography.

Our Ethos

What we believe in.

  • Honesty

    Because we think compromising our and your integrity is just as bad as stealing from our mothers.
  • Taking risks

    Because the best things we’ve ever done have been risky.
  • Self-awareness

    Because there’s no better way to improve
  • Improving our own well-being

    Because happy people are more creative.
  • Giving back to the community

    Because everyone knows it makes everyone feel good.

Whether you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, just want to chat to us about an idea or even need more explanation on this whole wolf thing, we’d love to hear from you.

Wire us an email
You can reach us at info@inkermanroad.com

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